My first successful elk hunt


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Oct 5, 2008
I have been elk hunting three times now and finally I was able to fill my tag on Oct 21 2012 at noon. I hired a guide and all. We packed in on Friday oct 19 and i prepaired for a 2hr trail ride on horse back to camp. The first night we glassed for elk to figure out where the elk are at. we spotted a cow elk about 45min in to glassing. Day 1 we got up at 4am and left camp well before dark to get to the hunting spot of the day spotted 9 cows that morning and no bulls. we sat at the spot the hole day and the only thing that we saw were 12 sheep and the 9 cows. made it back to camp after dark. Day 2 the guide says that we are going to a different hunting spot about 30mins in to the ride we spot 1 bull that was headed to the dark timber. The guide says that we will never get on him before he gets to the timber but we will keep an eye on him and mark where he goes so we can get on him that afternoon if we dont find anything else. we glass a cayon and find 2 bulls and 11 cows and two mule deer. we where about 3 miles away and they are way at the top of the cayon so we start the stock on them as we get ready for head up the cayon we see one of the bulls that was in the cayon coming down to within 300 yards so we set up for the shot but the bull disappeared in the timber. we can still see the other bull on the top of the hill so we start up the mountain to get in range we get to 350 yards and the bull winds us and stands up and gets all his cows up and moves back another 60 yards so the shot is 410 yards at him.


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