My first LR guns on it's way!

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    Re: My first LR guns on it\'s way!

    If it were me I'd look into one of the Farrell 20moa one piece base with a pair of TPS rings for your rig, that should get you to 1000yds no problem and provide a solid mount for your scope without hurting your wallet. If you use one of the 180gr match bullets or maybe the new 175 SMK 1000-1200yds shouldn't be a problem, plenty of energy to kill a deer at those ranges. I plan on trying the same combo on my Rem 700 7mag.

    Ken Farrell


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    Apr 1, 2004
    My first LR guns on it\'s way!

    I am throughly thrilled to be entering this new form of shooting that I've only scratched the surface of so far.

    I am experenced out to 400 or 500 yards but hope to go to a 1000 and maybe beyond in the future. The gun is a Savage 112BVSS in 7mm rem mag cal. I plan on changing the stock and adding a bipod. I don't know what bases to get. I am going to top it with a Leupold VX-II 6-18X40 with target turrets. From what I understand the scope doesn't have enough "up" adjustment for getting to 1000 yards, so do I need a canted base?

    And lastly does the 7mm mag have enough power to to take deer at distances over 1000 yards?
    NOTE: The deer in my neck of the woods don't get any larger than 150 pounds.
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    Yes it does, I haven't done it but I know of someone who has, He belongs to a 1 mile club they shoot from one mountain to another. Good Luck with your new rifle. Speaking about the 7MM Mag a person in the Navy has set a world record with the 7MM Mag some time ago at 1000 yards. I have taken many deer with the 7MM Mag out to 500 yards. Gret caliber. Lou

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