My first long range bull


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Sep 21, 2009
Craig Colorado
I Shot my first long range elk this year Oct 10, 2009 at 640 yards with a 308 Norma Mag will attach pics when I figure out how to.
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Nice shooting,And congrats on the elk now we need a pic!!.I also shoot a 308 norma mag!.in fact my first ever long range harvest was with the the rifle.I took a bull elk at 760 yrds last year!!!.Well good hunting and injoy life while you can...gun) lightbulb
Welcome to the forum.
Congratulations on your last hunt, great shot.
+1 on the pictures!!! We just like pictures a lot.:D
Nice bull and great shot . How far is craig from stemboat springs Colorado?

40 miles from Steamboat Sprgs
I thought it was close several years back my dad and I hunted near wood cutter mtn. We were told that their were some mule deer around craig .Have you had any luck with mulies in your area?

Beautiful picture, thanks for posting.

What bullet/load were you using? I acquired a 308 Norma Mag this past summer but haven't gotten around to any load development yet.
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