My first Custom long Range Rifle...


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
This rifle was just finished by Mike Bryant of Precision benchrest.It is chambered in .308 Baer(.336 Neck)The action trueing and barrel,Break work was done by Pac-Nor.It is a 30" 1-10 twist Stainless Super Match with a Vias Arms break.The stock is a Shehane Tracker in McMillan fiberglass.The stock work ,Barrel block,Jewell trigger and custom 40 degree bases were done by Mike.If work permits within the next month I'll get to play with it a bit...

Landon M.Bryant Custom.
Looks super sweet. Does the scope mount cantilever off the back of the barrel block? Nightforce 8x32? What bullet and weight at about what speed will you use? How much does she weigh?
Attached is a closer view of the scope base and action.The Night Force is a 12-42x56.The rifle was throated for the Sierra 240gr MK's from what I have been told by the 1000yrd shooters is that I should find optimum performance at aroud 2850fps but every barrel has it's sweet spot I'll start there and work up..The rifle without optics runs just under 16 pounds.....I live in Eastern WA and this rifle was built for long range RockChuck shooting I went with the thirty call to cary distance a little better.
I hope I did'nt make a mistake because I dropped the 6.5-284 for this cartridge(.308 Baer)I'll soon find out...

LM.Closer view of action and scope mount.
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