My bullet collection


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
I have acquired quite a few bullets over the years by shooting them into wet newspaper. It gives me an idea of at least what to expect. I know newspaper isn't the best, but it at least gives one an idea of what bullets will do what anyways. The top row is all .257" out of my 25-06. The next row is quite small, .277" out of .270, and 270 WSM, the other 1 is a 160g part gold out of a friends 7 STW, the one on the end is a 210g part out of a .338 WM. The bottom row is all .308" bullets, out of 300 WM, and 300 RUM. I will list them all from top to bottom, left to right. I can weigh them for anyone wanting to know specifics. Just thought maybe someone could use the information. Most were shot at 100 yards, some 50, but hell its been to long and theres to many to tell 50 yards apart, its not much differnt. Starting from top you have 100g part, 110g AB, 115g Combined Tech Btips (2 of them), 100g XLC, 117g SST, 120g core lokt (factory), 120g part (2 of them) Out of those, I like the looks of the 100g part, 110g AB, and the 100g xlc. The xlc retained 99% of its weight, but was horrible for consistent accuracy. The partition and AB, retained 60-65% of there orignal weight. ALl the rest shed there inner cores and only retained 30-40% of there weight. Next row you have 130g btip out of a 270 win. 140g sst and 140g btip out of my savage 270 WSM that I did not keep very long due to accuracy reasons, and 150g btip out of my 270 win. next bullet is 160g part gold out of a friends 7 STW. That bullet held something like 80-85% if I remember right. A lot better then the regular partitions. The bullet to the right of it is the 210g part fired out of my dads 338 Win mag. The bottom row is the 125g btip, 150g combined tech btips (2 of them) those 3 bullets were fired out of my 300 RUM. Next you have the 165g xlc, 180g core lokt (factory) which sucked horribly by the way for penetration and weight retention, 180g btip, and 180g part. All those were fired out of my 300 Win mag. Next you have the nice big 200g AB and then (3) 220g SMK's. Those were all fired out of my 300 RUM. The smk's lost there inner core and looked kinda like a gameking as far as everything goes, but there weight retention was horrible, somethign like 40-50grains out of 220. Almost forgot the bottom 2. They are 55g FMJ's out of my 220 swift. So there you have it, my little bullet collection over the couple years out of my rifles that I have tried and tested. Hope you liked it!


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