My Best Wyoming Whitetail

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Nov 28, 2018
Congratulations Ernie. Good friends like that are nice to have. I will be hunting whitetail on the other side of the interstate Friday. I'll be down Piney Creek Rd a few miles. I have not been out for deer all year. Hope I do as well.


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Mar 20, 2012
My good friend Dan, took me out a week ago last Monday and Tuesday to hunt. His willingness and initiative to do this is appreciated beyond words. I've been getting a bad case of cabin fever, since I'm in a cast, I cannot put weight on it, and I cannot walk or drive.
On that Monday, we went into some public land around the Kaycee area to look for a cow elk.
Of course, we saw elk on a piece of private land in my zone, but nothing on the public, state or BLM land. During the afternoon of that Monday, he said, "well would you like to go after whitetail tomorrow?"
You already know what my answer was. We called the landowner, who has a small piece of property outside of Story, Wyoming. The deer there are quite small in size, and typically there's an over population of them. I had my general tag, and a doe tag. Dan had three tags.
I have a disability exemption, through the end of this year, that allows me to hunt out of a vehicle or shoot out of a vehicle. Obviously, I cannot shoot from a interstate, state road, or County Road. Dan's truck, became my hunting blind.
Being in the passenger seat, works pretty good for a left-handed shooter. I've only killed one mule deer buck several years ago (Under 600 yards) with my clone XP-100, chambered in 6.5-284. Michael DeLoach/Nine Run Gun build. It has a Borden Alpine action, 17 inch Brux Barrel, Holland Radial Baffle brake, McMillan Stock, and a Dell trigger. I shoot the Nosler 140 grain Accubond at 2784 ft./s
This specialty pistol shoots ragged holes, and just shoots amazing at every distance I've ever shot it.
I have a PRS pillow bag, and I thought it would make a good rest to wedge in between a rearview mirror, or to put on top of the window sill of Dan's truck. Holding the gun with my left hand, I will put my right hand on top of the optic and push down to get a tight hold. I have shot this way many times.
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I usually hunt this area with a 357 magnum revolver or one of my Pachmayr Dominators, but I needed to seal the deal, from a gun that is easier to shoot than either of those handguns.
At the end of the open area you see in the picture there is a continuing with of white snow that's a little wider than a two track, and at the end of that is 220 yards.
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Dan has killed four elk with this pistol, so I needed to repent from neglecting it and give it some use myself😁
In a very quick amount of time a buck showed himself at 190 yards. I did not know the exact distance at the time, but I knew that he was close to 200 yards and I knew how to adjust for that without touching a turret.
I double shoulder shot him, and he leapt forward at the shot and made it 10 to 15 feet before he died.
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Of course, Dan is the one that had to go to the animal, gut him, and get him into the vehicle.
Once we got back out on a little private drive area, he opened up the back of the vehicle, and I carefully with my crutches through about 4 inches of snow went and got up on the tailgate.
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Dan took a couple deer in the afternoon with his 357 magnum revolver, both over 100 yards. It was a wonderful two days being out with a good friend.
I get my cast off on December 1, and then will go into a walking boot. My anticipation for that day is very high.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!
Congrats on a great hunt! Hopefully your recovery will happen quickly.