My backpacking/outdoor camera choice


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Sep 15, 2012
Mojave Desert, Nevada
In 2008 I bought an Olympus TG 1 waterproof camera and used it for years - until some thief stole it from a gear bag when I was at a dance with my wife. Grrrrr...

So I bought a newer version, a TG 3, and it has even a few more bells and whistles in the same package and is waterproof to 60 ft.instead of the former 50 ft. (with a 50 ft. warning buzzer, no less)

This little camera takes "National Geographic" quality shots with its F2 lens and its many modes like underwater, macro, micro, bright snow, soft focus, portrait, etc. Too many to list here.

Yeah, $400. MSRP seems high but it is worth every penny. I feel that a backpacking and hunting camera should be as small and light as possible and still give many options for the best shots under varying situations.
I like to keep a separate SD card for videos B/C it is easier to edit and separate them when showing on a TV screen.

I very highly recommend the Olympus TG (Tough) series for outdoor use.

Eric B.