My 950 meter prairie dog setup


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Mar 17, 2002
I just got my photos from my trip out west and wanted to share with the members here. We setup here in the morning before it got to hot the shortest shot from here to the dogs was 740 meters and my longest kill was 950 meters measured with the wild range finder. The rifle is a 6.5/284 shutting SMK 142g at 2950 fps. Hope the photo comes out ok.
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Most of the time I can't see the pix either. But I can access alot of them by right clicking on the pix (the red "X") , click properties, copy the properties file path and pasting it in the address box and get in that way. I was able to see the above pix that way and Daryls latest pix too.

Good Luck


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Whehew is works!

Thanks Nodak now I am going to go back and look at all the pic's I've been missing.
I had trouble also until my 14 year old daughter helped me. Follow the instruction and copy the url address then put it in the adress spot and enter. It works.

Thanks for sending the picture. I could actually see the picture in the first post if I would view the properties and then paste the address, but I couldn't see the picture when I used the link in your second post. Sorry for the confusion.
I am using 51g of H 4831 SC and lapua brass with a 28in barrel (this load should be approached slowly as it may be to hot for some guns ) I tried the Hornaday brass and was getting presser sins at 48g of H 4831 SC but with the Lapua brass have no pressure sins.
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