My 25 Creedmoor Build


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Sep 26, 2017
I just finished my first prefit build this afternoon. It is a 25 Creedmoor on an Origin action, 26" Proof prefit done by Greg at S.P.R. Mesa Precision Stock, TT trigger, BDL bottom metal and a PVA Jet Blast brake. Scope is a NF SHV 4-14x56 with a MOA 1000 Reticle. Still debating wether to leave this scope on or put my Vortex HD LHT on it. As is it weighs 9lbs 11oz. I would probably shed about a 1lb with the Vortex. I plan on testing the 133 Bergers with H4350 and the 121 Hammers with RL16. Won't get to start shooting it till next weekend. Can't wait to see how it shoots.
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Just an FPYI.... I've done a couple of .25 Creeds but with 10 twist barrels as the new long bullets hadn't come out yet.. Have really only shot 2 bullets, the 115 Berger and the 100 Nosler BT. Availability on both may be poor now.. More experience with the 100BT. It shot very well, most often sub .5'' groups out of #3 and 4 contour barrels. Killed a number of whitetails and more pigs and coyotes.. It seemed to be a hammer on everything. Very impressed.. Have a good bit of experience with the 6.5 as well.. With the bullets I used the .25 was a better killer. Although 10 or more years back I had a bunch of 6.5 120NBT's that killed pigs like lightning. I ran out of the old supply of those bullets and when I bought new ones they didn't kill nearly as well.. This out of a 6.5x47