my 2009 utah bull


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Aug 2, 2006
shot was only 400yds with a Gunwerks/best of the west 264 win mag shooting the 140 berger VLD. scored 399 4/8

Only one question. Why'd you shoot one that's so little? :D

Good job! Tell us a bit more about the area and your hunt and the shot.

Well done, what a great bull.

How did the Berger bullet perform out of that .264 win mag? A small bullet for a big animal. Must have worked alright.
That is a dandy bull. Glad to see the members of the forum are doing so good in this season. Please tell us more about the hunting story, seeing the size of the bull I am sure it was a very exciting hunt.
Tell us the story....terrain, conditions, load in the rifle, who shot? (lots of people in that pic, including what looks like a young kid)
sorry for the late reply guys. ive been on a deer hunt here in wyoming. on the hunt. like i said before i was using a 264 win mag with the 140 berger VLD. load is 69gr retumbo cci250 primer win brass at 3.45" COAL. i left the gun shop thursday morning and got to utah around 5:30 that afternoon. we decide to go have a look to see what was out and about. we rode the wheelers to a vantage point and got set up with the optics. i went back to the wheeler to get something and looked over the other side of the point we were on and saw 2 330 class bulls 40 yards down the hill so i went back the the others to tell them about the bulls and they pointed to a group of 6 bulls ranging from 350 to the 400" bull i shot that had just walked out from a group of trees across the draw. i got set up for the shot ranged the bull dialed the knob on the huskama scope checked the wind and squezed the trigger. my spotter said i hit to high and to shoot again but by the time i had another shell in the gun and was back on the bull he was down for the count. so we all got excited and were yelling and jumping around about the bull we just shot. after we got clamed back down we drove the wheelers to him took pics and loaded him up and went back to camp for a total of a 2 hour hunt. the best and shortest hunt of my life.
Nice Bull, 18. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good !!!

Since you're shooting a BOTW set up it seems that you've left the employ of Christensen Arms as a gun smith ?? Guess you found greener pastures else where??

How did you manage to draw an open bull tag in Utah with just two bonus points?? --- RHB
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