MVP 204


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Oct 8, 2022
Kind of afew questions to tack on this one I’ve been looking around a lot at them and i think i’ve settled down on the choice of the 204 ruger because i don’t want to accidentally blow a coyote (id like to keep fur) out with 22 to 243 which i’ve seen happen but i am in a area where i could see yotes out in further distances but also much closer. 17 is too much with possible longer distances and wind to risk and are also hard to find but afew guys are selling their mvp 204s out which hits that middle ground. I am wondering if anyone’s has ever done a rebarrel on one for a larger cal because i don’t mind the work for a possible deer tag but mostly coyote hunting through the year or if anyone has any other ideas or more experience that would be great too


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Aug 22, 2015
I have found that for me it doesn't make much difference what caliber I run shot placement is an important factor in not making big holes , but I also have found that I needed to play with different loads to see what ones worked best for what I was wanting to do . They will a preform differently at different ranges as their speed changes and they then expand differently . Bullet design makes a big difference in bullet performance as does speed . In todays world there is a ton of information available to a person looking to learn about different calibers and bullets .