Muzzlebrake On/Off Point of Impact?


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Oct 23, 2009
I was curious if you sight in and practice on the range with your brake on and say when you go hunting you take it off. Would it change your point of impact? I know the bullet never touches the brake but still does it change anything?
It could change the POI and likely would, due to the loss of weight on the end of the barrel. You could have a thread protector made the same weight as the muzzle brake and then with that screwed on the end of the barrel the rifle might hit to same POI.

You'd have to shoot the rifle with the brake, and without the brake, to get your answer and be certain about it.
it changed mine ALOT.. i had a 24" heavy AR threaded for a suppressor, for fun i threw on a 3 gill armalite brake, it threy me off by well over 1.5 ft at 200y
My comp gun last year printed 1.5 moa right and .5 moa high without the brake at 1K. Same gun this year, new change.

Go figure!!!
About an inch to 1.5 inches change in impact is what I have observed. I have not tried it with different bullets to see if it is constant or varies with different bullets.
That answers my question on Brake or no brake, my conclusion s no brake myself.....
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