Muzzle Break on .300 Mag Browning Semi-Auto


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Nov 2, 2004
Vancouver, BC
Hi All

I'm new around here and have been reading a lot here and find this forum very informative.

My Question is will a muzzle break make a difference on my semi-auto rifle. If so are there any suggestions as to which one works best for my particular rifle. Or semi-auto rifles in general



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Nov 11, 2003
La Grange, TX
Not sure what you mean by affect your rifle. It will function properly with one on it. If thats the question. Accuracy may be affected by chaning barrel harmonics. Doesn't Browning offer the Boss on that gun? That means a break will work. They work on all the semis I have.

What kind?? I think the folks here have more efficient ones, but Vais and the ones by Answer systems(still in business?) work good.



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Nov 8, 2004
GF Montana
I have a 338 BAR Win Mag with the Browning BOSS system. Initially I was afraid it would kick to hard ( 30-06 is my kick limit). I was surprised to find it kicked less than my .243 Win Mdl 670. I don't know how much contribution the BOSS muzzle break makes, and how much is auto. I was even more surprised when I got 1.5 MOA groups with factory ammo and no BOSS tunning. I could get better groups with reloads but I'm very happy with 1.5 in an auto. It's a blast to shoot.


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Mar 16, 2003
Boise, Idaho
It is definately the BOSS that is taking out the recoil. My dad has the BAR in 338. I have shot it many times while developing loads for him, and from the bench, it beats the living crap out of me (6'2" 300lbs). When shooting offhand it is easily bearable. In comparison, my 300 Win mag (bolt action) with the BOSS is a breeze to shoot from the bench.

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