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Nov 15, 2001
Will the muzzle brake help quiet at long range?
Some of you may know I'm a deaf shooter and sometimes I find that hard to believe that animals at long range will not hear the gun shots. They might not be alarmed but they do hear gun shots, don't they? I was watching a hunting show on TV and a hunter and a guide spotted two mule deer over the hills. There are many hills in this area. The deer weren't together, they were about 100 yards part. Two mule deer were standing on two different hills. The hunter shot the mule deer at the downhill about 75 yards and the other deer was on the uphill. He missed the shot and the deer ran away on the opposite direction where other deer was. The guide told him that there was another deer on the other side of the hill so they sneaked up the hill and the deer was eating and calm on the side of the hill. The deer hadn't heard a shot that the hunter shot a minute ago. The deer wasn't alarmed. How could that be? Do the hills block or reduce the sound waves?
My dad sometimes told me that he heard several shots about 3 miles away. If that is true, will the animals within 3 miles radius hear the shots?
The muzzle brake will help reduce the sound "Bang" at long range but very loud at where you shoot. Do you agree? How do I know that? Well…use common sense.

An animal may be able to hear a slight "Bank" but they don't relate danger to it because they hear a lot of "In the distance" shots during the hunting season.

When your across a mountain and hear a shot, it is VERY muffeled. If your 50 or 100 yards from that shot it scares you when your not expecting it. Same with a deer or elk.

What scares the hell out of them is, a close up shot too.

A Muzzle brake won't matter except for the shooters ears and a more relaxed recoil.

Darryl Cassel
I was set up 2000 yard's from Howard Wolfe this year.I could see him In HIS spot.He shot two shot's that to me sounded like a 22 at about 100 yard's.
Here in TX most hunting is done from stands. Sometimes the stands are within close proximity to each other. Well my stand is about 1500yds from any other stand on my pasture, even though there is a hill between us I can still hear shots in the distance. Usualy able to tell who's doing the shooting. In other stands there might only be 3-400yds between them, when someone in the close by stand shoots the deer typicaly will take no notice of it, only occasionaly will they pick up there heads. It's not like they can't hear it they just don't take notice. Infact you can usualy hear the feeder of a nearby stand going off.
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