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JP Hunter

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Nov 26, 2007
Northern California, City of Redding
OK Guys,
I have my new Rem. 700 SPS in 300rum. I Have been told to shoot it first be for changing the barrel to see how the accuracy is. I want to shoot a lot, so I think I need a muzzle brake. I have a led sled but don't wont to risk braking the cross hairs.
Are all muzzle brakes the same? I have looked on the site for info. Not sure witch one to get. All suggestions welcome.

Thanks Guys!


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Jul 27, 2006
AB, Canada
Hi JP Hunter,
I had the same 300rem ultra magnum rifle, and shoot 200AB round at 3050fps without a muzzle brake, just with a recoilpad limbsaver.
I just got one time scoped by miy mistake, to close to the scope.
I just convert my 300UM in 338edge, and now I have a muzzle brake due to the calliber.
If you are not confident with the recoil, and you are jerking the trigger, then go with muzzlebrake.
On the market are 3 type:
- with holes all around (lots of dust if you are shooting prone)
- with holes on left and right side and top (the best for prone shooting) NO DUST after the blast. (JP muzzlebrake, DE Brake, Holland HQ, 308Nate Vport, are the best with up to 50-60% of recoil reduction)
- JP MuzzleBrake - the most effective brake on the market. Negative parts - bulky looks.

All muzle brakes ARE VERRY LOUDS AND YOU NEED EARS PLUGS to protect yourself)

If you are doing a search on muzzlebrake on this forum you will find a lots of reviews)

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Mar 23, 2005
If you want to test the accuracy of the barrel, shoot it off a sled for this. The sled will be no harder on your scope than a brake.

Like you, I would want to shoot a lot. I would absolutely put a brake on! I would also do all my practice with earplugs (work better than most ear muffs, and don't interfere with cheek weld), you would be doing this anyway. The brake will make the rifle comfortable to shoot from any position. Prone, with a bipod for example. Without the brake you limit your practice to shooting off a sled, or with an extra pad of some sort. Not the same as the shooting you'll do in the field.

I couldn't shoot a big gun like that unbraked as much as I'd like to without developing bad habits. My favorite brake is made by Shawn Carlock of Defensive Edge. You can find him and reviews of his brake on here. Or run a search on any search engine.


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May 13, 2007
After many years of rifle shooting, I'd highly recommend a brake on any rifle with more recoil than a 30-06 (about 24 pound-feet) if you want to shoot it frequently and accurately.


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Dec 9, 2007
sebastopol, ca.
I have a brake manufactured by OPS, Inc.from Brownells on my 300 win mag.
It was designed for special forces and works really well without the severe muzzle blast of the ones with the holes around. I have tried the ones with the holes and the sound is incredible you need to use plugs and muffs with the kind with the holes.
Good luck.

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