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Mar 15, 2009




if you could only shoot one which one would it be? and why? top to bottom 1-4​
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I dont get to do much deer hunting up here in AK and we only have the little blacktails so in my anything but expert opinion I would shoot umm.... all of the above.
They are all great bucks in my book and I wold be proud to display the head of any of these in my house..
I would shoot the first one!!! Looks like an adult buck, great antlers, they look very simetrical, and tall.
I also liked the height of the antlers of the buck in the third picture, but he looks younger.
They all are great bucks!!!
i have looked at all of your posts and you have some very impressive deer. how big are your pens, or pastures if you will? i can only assume that you are on a high fence place and more than likely in the state of Texas. there is not a place in the world where you will see those type of deer that consistently in the same places. most states that naturally produce deer like that dont embrace feeding like we do either.



gunner sent me a p.m. stating that these deer are grown on a low fence 20,000 acre ranch bordered by much bigger properties. i am very impressed with these deer under these circumstances. i am truly sorry for the former post. i am having problems with my boys not being satified with their oppotunities and it has been frustrating. again gunner, i am sorry for the previous comments.

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tough to tell #2 would be my choice as of age, I think he is the oldest. I am by no means a expert. You have some good managemant in place. We have come to a brick wall with our practices. We manage the deer fine until they leave the area and are shot by others.

Moultrie? I love mine
I'd have shot the first one and be done since there is no way I could pass on something that nice lol!
Number 2. looks to be positioned just right for great shot placement and looks to be the most mature.
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Number 2 looks aged the most, however i like the antlers on number 4(wide and tall and a 4 pt, or as you southern boys call it ''a 10 pointer'') I just like the combination that number 4 has tho he looks a bit young. All look good tho. alot of similarities in those bucks. Id be happy with any Whitetail buck of that caliber, since ive only killed Muleys.
It kinda looks like number 1 and 4 are the same deer as with number 2 and 3. Angles may be playing tricks on my eyes, but it just looks like 4 pics of 2 deer to me, and i still think my choice would be pic / angle 4. (SNEEKY)
So whats the deal Gunner 1? Dont we get the answers to the quiz? or even get graded? I wanna gold star if Im right!:)
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