muffling gunshots - dampening tunnel?


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
I have a few spots where I can practise shooting out to some considerable ranges but I don't like to do it too often as it can draw unwanted attention, (thinking it is poachers shooting over my land)

I was thinkning of making up some kind of tunnel to shoot through that would dampen the sound at least so it doesn't carry so well.

How long and of what diameter would it need to be, and lined with what material?
I was thinking foam or egg arton, maybe with the same foil/foam that is used for the engine bay on boats as a backing to a supplementary layer of egg carton.

The tube doesn't need to be very portable, but at least transportable.
You must work for the USPS with a handle of express. Oh well, to the post. What I have used for years is simple and cheep and very effective, oh and it is cheep. Wast tires! Free at any tire shop. Get about 2 of size 13" & 2 of size 14" & 2 of size 15" all the way to 17 or 20 inch. Stand them side by side with the largest diameter tires closest to your shooting bench. Place a board (4X4 works great)through the center of the tires and tie a rope to each end and hoist it up using a tree limb, to be level with your shooting bench. You should aline the center of the tires with the target and your bench. Shoot thgough the center of the funnel created by the center of the tires and you will have a very effective muffler.
Hope this will help.

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