MT Elk B Question


Aug 16, 2020
Marquette, MI
How do refunds for Montana Elk B drawings work? I can't decipher their manual. I understand as a nonresident I pay up front. If I don't get drawn how much of a refund do I get for the Elk B tag? I don't believe I can refund the fishing/small game, which is fine.

I know that I get some kind of refund, how would I go about getting it if I need to?
In Montana everyone pays up front, residents and nonresidents alike. Once the drawing is completed for the tag you applied for you will be notified either successful or not successful. If you are successful you will get a tag in the mail, if you are not successful they will mail you a refund check. I am not sure what the amount is they will refund but it is the majority of what you paid. If you bought a hunting license or a conservation license as a prerequisite that portion is not refundable. I do not believe they have drawn B Licenses yet for Elk this year.

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