Mr. Fox is BACK!

yote doctor

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Mar 5, 2010
Big Sky Country
Wanted to let you know after my business burned down awhile back, I thought this handsome fella was gone! 99% was lost in the fire. He was sitting next to my desk by one of the only walls remaing in the building. he looked like a wet rat, and covered in ash. The fire chief was able to get him out later that day.

I honestly didnt have much hope that he was salvageable.... After getting him back to the taxidermist, i was shocked to hear the words (He is fine!) After a good cleaning and completely redoing the base/habitat, he made it home.

So wanted to show him off.
Thanks for looking :D



Considered a "cross" fox. Because the shape of colors. Not because half silver fox, half red fox. (had to do some studying :) Little hard to see because of the bright sun...

Called in and shot 5 years ago.
Glad you were able to salvage him! Whoever your Taxidermist is, he's worth the money.
Thanks fellas. Bottom picture was taken after I shot him. I placed him on the fence posts for a picture.

Taxidermist took second place at Montana State Show and received the "Sharpest mount in MT" award also. Below is a picture of the first mount done.

Was very cool!!! They actually took a shotgun (14) shots, and blew out the corner of pedestal. Then mounted a Hungarian Partridge in there. Wood was also "peppered" with BBs.

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