Moving target at 700 yards = FUN!


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
Glenn and I went out a couple of weeks ago to Mac's Gunworks for some trigger therapy. It was a lot of fun, even though the wind was very challenging at times.
I shot out to 1200 yards successfully with my rear grip Kauger Arms 22 GT. Glenn shot his center-grip XP-100 in 22 Creedmoor. Both of us were shooting Hornady's 88 grain ELDM bullet. I also shot my rear-grip 6 Creed (Bishop Blaster) out to a grand.

While we were painting targets, the 700 yard target was really blowing in the wind and I took a video of it.

We went ahead and painted it, thinking it might be a fun challenge later on.

That clean 700 yard target just was too much to resist, so the game was on.
I started off with my 22 GT. I put several hits on it. I asked Glenn if he wanted to shoot my 22 GT, and wouldn't you know it, on the very first shot, he hit the silly target! He told me he was done-he wasn't going to shoot the 22 GT anymore
Then, Glenn grabbed his 22 creed and put a couple hits on it, after a number of shots.
Then, it was my turn to shoot his 22 creed, and I marked up the target some more.
Just pure fun! Some of the larger splotches are multiple hits.

The wind was so strong that we never heard any of the impacts, and the mirage was so heavy at times, it was hard to see if we had made a hit or not at times.
All three specialty pistols shot well.
A week later, we had better conditions, and that 700 yard target was not moving around. It was nice to shoot in fairly good conditions.
My center grip 22 Creedmoor XP-100 has a 15 inch barrel.
Man, this disease is going to be bad! I might have to spin one of these up. I have a 17" blank on hand and access to the same reamer we chambered my rifle in....