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    Feb 18, 2010
    I have a set of GG&G Sniper grade steel rings 30mm and the inserts to make them 1 inch. They are used but not all beat up. New they go for $160, I am asking $125 shipped for these.

    2nd I have a set of Ken Farrel 2 piece bases for long or short action 0 MOA nice just not what I need. new they were $100, asking $55 shipped

    Will sell together as a package for $155 shipped

    1 pair of Burris extreme 30mm high rings $55

    Las but what most of you are looking for is a bolt carrier group, I got this years ago in a trade it is all silver in color, and the bolt is cut for possibly full auto. I'll try to get some pics up. Asking $225 thanks all