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Feb 16, 2003
South Dakota
when i use leupold's windage bases, i can usually get the scope mounted in such a way that i can have the windage turret left in the center - enabling the windage to be dead on to 300 yards or so and in. if i use a picatinny system, how do i get the windage to remain in the center, or do i just spin turrets for all ranges?
presuming the rifle receiver mounting holes are properly aligned and you use precisely made base/rings, I think you will find the Picatinny setup to be pretty much dead on for windage. I set up a Rem 700 w/Badger base and rings (Picatinny style) and used less than 1 MOA windage from optical center to get lined up at 600y.

Once you get zeroed, you should get comfortable twisting the knobs. That's why they exist.

You should also be able to remove your scope, remount it, and have very little shift in zero.
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