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Nov 2, 2009
Just finished another goat hunt. This is the first time I used accubonds on these tough critters. I was using a 300 WSM and 180gr accubonds and my brother-in-law was using a 300 win mag and 200 gr accubonds. Our shots were 375 yards. Both goats took four well placed shots. None of the bullets passed through the goats and they came apart inside the animal. I have used these same bullets on whitetail at closer ranges and they worked just fine. I also helped a buddy dispatch his goat. A double lung shot at 100yards. the goat went another 100yards and sat down......took another shot to finish him. That same goat took three rounds to the front shoulder with 165gr partitions without slowing down.
Man, you guys had to put some lead in those things! I'm surprised to hear that the bullets came apart, especially at that distance. Did the jackets/cores seperate?
Please post some pics, very interested in goat hunting. Congrats on the hunt. What other factors do you consider could have affected bullet performance?
It was a great hunt for sure! Thanks bro for the great times. We did a repeat this year on Caribou. Next year is bears! I can't wait
Those must be some tough critters! Congratulations on your success.

I bump into them now and again while hiking/backpacking here in Washington, but the chances of drawing a tag for mountain goat is slim.
I think Mt goats are one of the toughest animals. i shot mine with a 300 win mag 180 gr partition on the shoulder and it just started to walk away like nothing happen. It didn't go to far. my buddy shot one bedded down with a 340 weatherby. It stood up and started to walk away before he hammered it again . It fell over then. We were lucky there wasn't any cliffs. Another friend shot one and it ran off the cliff. the horns broke off. You need to ANCHOR them on the spot!
An older thread but interesting. Does anyone have experience with Barnes Triple Shocks or Tipped Triple Shocks on goats? My 300 WSM shoots the 165/168s very well at 3100+ and this is pretty much my go to northern deer/elk/black bear/antelope tool. Should I be looking at something flatter and harder hitting?
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