Mountain Goat Hunt-what tripod to buy?

I purchased a Vortex summit carbon fiber II and love it but, I also love junk stores. I found an old aluminum video camera tripod that only cost me $6 same weight and my vortex bino mount screws rite to it and if I get another adapter I can attach a rest to it and have quick change. Just something to consider.
The answer is depends. It depends on whether you are going alone or with a buddy or two. If you have a friend or two along, take a really good tripod. I still like the ones with a fluid head for stability. That's if your buddy can carry it and you guys can share equipment.

If you are going alone, try to get rid of everything you can. Goat country is so rugged you don't want anything that's not absolutely necessary. That's especially true if you shoot one and have a long, steep pack out. You'll want to shed every ounce you can if that happens.

I have an old Leupold 20 power I might take along in the case of going alone. And lay it over my pack, or on a rock. If you have a buddy, I'd take my Swarovski 65 and a steady tripod - and make him carry it of course!!

Best of luck and hope you stack up a good one.
I went on a sheep hunt a couple years ago.

I went with a stable tripod, not the lightest. I spent money on the binos. I also got the vortex quick release bino mount. I hunted September and December (split season) A few things I learned….
My tripod in September was heavier but more stable. I didn’t go super light weight but lighter in December. I actually preferred the heavier in windy conditions.

Learn the unit. If you plan to glass for hours, a tripod is worth the pack weight. If you plan to move frequently, you may get by without.

I realize sheep and goat is a different hunt. I had the benefit of 2 tries. September and December. The second round I knew what to expect.

Best of luck, hope to see some great pics!
You might consider this one:

I would highly Spartan Tripod and purchase the TREKKING pole handles that allows you to use two legs as Trekking poles. Quick change from BiPod to Tripod in a matter of seconds allows you use either option depending on the situation.


Good luck!
You might consider this one:

That looks workable
Two Vets The Ruck is what I plan to take for a elk hunt this fall. very light. center column. i've shot off it in PRS matches and it works just fine for that considering it's 1/3 the weight of a normal tripod