Mount Everest Deaths

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    Jun 8, 2009
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    Jan 28, 2008
    I've always wanted to take the trek into Base Camp just to see what it's like first hand. The documentary that was done about Beckworth on Everest clearly show the dangers of high altitude climbing.

    Interesting page thanks for posting.
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    Did you know each person who goes to Everest to climb is charged $65,000.00 unless you are sponsored by a govt or private group like NatGeo. And they still need a permit from the govt of Nepal for $20,000.00 or they dont climb. It takes all summer to do it, most of 3-4 months. A lot of people just go to base camp at 16,000' as it alone is a 3 week trek. Then the climb begins up to the top. Acclimating form base camp takes about about 2 weeks and each day you climb higher from 16000 then come back down til you are good to go up the ropes to the top. Theres a lot of good recent books out there that detail it all graphically. It's even more dangerous and expensive to climb the north side from China IF you can even get a permit.
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    Mountain climbers are one of the trashiest people who exist. They leave everything behind on the mountain including their friends. I once saw an estimate and pictures of the expended oxygen bottles littering the final phase of the climb.
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    I ended up reading a pile on Everest last night, very interesting!! You can see the trash with Google earth, you can also pick out the trails right up to the snow it was interesting to look at.
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    I hate to have 'em all lumped together like that. While certainly true with some that have that mentality on Everest, the vast majority of climbers I've met over a 20+ year career climbing adhere closely to the "Leave No Trace" or "Pack It In, Pack It Out" philosophy--even to the point of carrying your own feces out, a National Park Service requirement on Mt. Rainier, for instance. I believe you'll find that more than one expedition has gone to Everest specifically to clean up the mess, which is great, but it's a mess that never should've happened in the first place, IMO.

    BTW, statiscally, in terms of total number of people killed, I believe you'll find the Matterhorn to be the worlds deadliest mountain to climbers for several reasons, some of which I learned summiting it in '99.
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    Such a very amazing link! Thanks you for the post.