Most reliable way to get elevation?

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    Jul 15, 2009
    Hi all, what is the most reliable way to get elevation for dope?

    I've been wanting to get the Field Density Altitude Compensator as a backup system and who knows, it may become my primary if it works as well as they say, but two things you need with this unit are temperature and elevation.

    Temperature is the easy part found in the Leica CRF 1600 and abundantly in ABC wristwatches such as the Timex WS4 or the Suunto Core and the like. The altitude is also found in these watches, but they must be calibrated often.

    Is there a better way than a GPS unit (thinking batteryless other than the wristwatch) to get an accurate elevation reading after hiking up and down and up and down and around, etc?

    Here's a link to the FDAC unit:


    Unfortunately, they don't have a card for the 208 AMAX, but I e-mailed back and forth with the VPO and he said "very soon!" So, eventually I plan to pick one of these up. What are your thoughts on the elevation issue?

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