Most challenging N.A. bow hunt?

Ibex. The mountain where they live in here in NM is straight up and down. The rocks have no vegetation on them to hold them together. People have had to hire mountain climbers to retrieve their animals. I've been within 50 feet of Rocky Mountain Bighorns, and my friend actually touched one with his boot as it was licking on salt. I never got closer than 400 yards to a big ibex billy. There are some good videos online. A local who has hunted them for years, claims to have killed 3.
I second the NM Ibex as being one of the hardest..... although spot and stalk Aoudad isnt a cake walk either...
I stalked into a black bear and shot it at 10yds this past June in B.C., definitely an adrenaline rush!
Dall sheep in the rugged terrain in west Texas. That's gotta be a tough hunt rifle or bow.

You're assured failure if your not physically capable of such a strenuous hunt.

I was watching a grizzly hunt in cable. The hunter was a man with more money than brains.

It was a five day hunt in the Aleutians. Each day of the hunt ended early due to the hunter becoming completely exhausted.

On the fourth day he had a once in a lifetime shot at a huge boar. He lined up and had nearly all the time in the world. He took the shot from less than 40 yards and missed. You could tell the guide was furious.

Before you take that hunt of a lifetime get in shape. Walk a few miles each day, slowly build up your stamina. Then wear a weighted backpack then take a longer walk or hike.

Do you really wanna blow thousands of dollars and months of planning only to be so outta shape that you have to be medivaced out half way through the hunt or worse?

I prepared for a year for a week of extreme hiking in Zion National Park. I thought I was ready. Nothing can prepare you for hiking with an elevation change of nearly 1500 ft. Thin air at altitude and 1000 foot and higher cliffs on either side of the trail.

You're in tough luck if you think you'll get medical help in the rough terrain of the Davis mountains or the steep climb of Angels Landing. Zero cell phone reception and hours wait for help to arrive if you do get a signal.
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As an accomplished archery hunter with 55 years plus experience and a trophy room showing 55 years of hunting I'd have to agree the Rocky Mt goat was by far my hardest hunt. February hunt going for LONG hair didn't make it any easier, therefore I chose a cannon to get the job done.
I I agree with Brent a wolf especially spot and stalk. It could be done with baiting and calling and plenty of days in the field.

But if turkeys’s could smell I would never kill one!


Yes if they could smell and wind us we would have a very hard time for a harvest, would have to go to rifle. I called in and shot a 1/2 dozen turkeys with my Outback also a few Yotes. Hard to stay concealed and not move. Total Gilly Suit. After several shoulder operations and a total replacement I gave it up. I sure did LOVE it! Nothing like calling in a TOM while you are standing next to a tree or in a bush and have to hold your Draw and call with your mouth.
Maybe not challenging like a sheep hunt but you can tell this guy hand was shaking at the end haha

All spot and stalk, free range, adult animals:
Ibex in the Florida mtns
Aoudad anywhere there are mountains
Ozark black bear on public land
Coues deer in Arizina
And I keep hearing about wolves with a bow too.

All are bucket list hunts.