Most accurate velocity?


Mar 13, 2002
South Dakota
Is any one speed or range of speeds better for long range accuracy than another? I've heard rumors, but I'd like someone with 1000 yard matches to tell me the facts.
I think you will find every cartridge is different but the range usually runs from 2800-3450 fps.The big 338's on the low end and the 6mm hotrods near the top.If you give us a specific barrel length,bullet and cartridge we can narrow it down.
You can use the ladder method of load development and find several sweet spots or tuning nodes for each powder bullet combination. Most guys then pick on closest to the desired MV and final tune from there. Do search for ladder method and quite a few detailed threads.

My 280 Ack. wants to be a 7mm Mag. But it only shoots 140-150g bullets well. After that, the groups aren't so good. I'm wondering if I'll gain anything other than factory brass. If There's only 1 sweet stot for my barrel and it's where it is, and there isn't another one, I'm SOL>
You can change bullets and powders if you don't get a sweetspot high enough in velocity.If your sweetspot isn't near the top of your velocity change the powder and primers then add barrel length if needed.
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