Mossberg 4X4 7MAG 100 YD Group


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Jan 17, 2012
Southern Oklahoma
This is my walk and stalk gun, it weighs around 8.5lbs. This was my first long rifle. I've never really considered this a tack driver by any means, I shoot cheap Federal soft points. They advertise 3110FPS, but I crono'd them from my gun at a respectable 2950fps +/- 30 @ 25*F. I was pleased as this ammo is 18$ a box at walmart.

I even have a 75$ walmart scope on it. It tracks great and has clarity that surpasses its price tenfold. The only knock is lowlight performance, it greatly lacks in that department. But again, its not my long distance rig. I don't even really shoot it a great deal because of my other guns. But I took it out yesterday in the cold and got a great 3 shot group, my best ever from this combo. Im sure a lot of the success has came from my ability to shoot increasing as time has gone by.

Can anyone beat this group with a cheap rifle and ammo combo?! As far as im concerned this is a poormans tack driver! Im sure if I would of used a ledsled this would be even tighter. I took it out to 500 yards and got decent results (no pics) but I managed a 3 shot group with about a 5'' cluster, I feel this is a great 300 yard gun.



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Oct 28, 2009
Magee, MS
not bad! for a cheaper gun

I shot a remmy 770 last year for a guy, it was his first long gun and wanted me to check it out for him. I think I ended up with some groups that would probably fit inside a quarter or pretty close. I didnt measure them or anything. I dont remember what ammo he had for it though. I was not impressed with the fit and feel or finish of gun but it shot pretty good for a $300 gun!


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Jun 20, 2009
Hey some of us have several thousand dollars in our rifles to get them to shoot like that:rolleyes:

Great Job . I can only imagine what it would do with hand loads:)

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