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    Jul 26, 2010
    Terry loved golf he even took his clubs while he was hunting. After a day of hunting in The Gold Hill area we decided to have a drink at the Rogue Riviera. On the way he spots a large timber rattler, hops out wacks it with a sand wedge. He then throws it on the floor board. It promptly crawls under the seat. looking at him in disbelief he says “WHAT? I thought it was dead”. I road back to his house in different car. In the morning we found a very angry snake coiled around the floor shifter. He ran into the house came out wearing 1 rubber maid kitchen glove with a cheap pair of wire hot dog tongs in hand. I was awestruck I couldnt believe it, before I could say a thing he had that snake by the head, thats when things got interesting. The snake coiled around his arm those cheap wire hot dog tongs bending more with each passing second. I grabbed it in back of the head and cut it off with a pocket knife. He said “ WHAT? I thought it would work” That night I showed him how to cook rattler. Served him right out of the skillet with a pair of cheap, bent wire hot dog tongs. I often wonder if my hunting buddy was a better golfer, if things would have quite turned out the way they did.