SOLD/EXPIRED More Nikon Demos Arrived

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by gr8fuldoug, Apr 17, 2010.

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  1. gr8fuldoug

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    Dec 3, 2007
    We just received another shipment from Nikon with some very exciting values.....
    Spotting Scope Eyepieces:
    We received more of the #8338 20x/25x DS for Prostaff Spotters in both new and demo. The new are only $79.99 and the demo are $39.99
    We also received the #8339 16-48x/20-60x Zoom DS for Prostaff Spotters new @ only $79.99 reduced from $149.99. This is a great eyepice. The DS designation means it is not only great for standard spotting but designed to be used for digiscoping.
    For Fieldscope Spotters we received a shipment of the #6950 27x/40x/50x Wide DS Eyepiece which is normally $249.99 and we are offering for only $99.99.
    We also received some more of the #7465 45x/60x/75x Wide Eyepiece which normally sells for $249.99 and is also reduced to just $99.99.
    In Binoculars:
    We recieved some more demo units of the #7525 Monarch ATB Camo 10x42 @ only $199.99.
    We also received the #7437 Monarch ATB 12x42 which also is only $199.99..
    If a compact is what you are interested in then the demo of the 8x20 Premier LX-L @ $299.99 is a fantastic choice.
    Lastly, we got a few demos of the #8365 Callaway LR 1200 Rangefinder that we are offering for just $229.99. At this price I feel this is a best buy in a 1200 yard rangefinder.
    If there is anything we can answer for you please just let us know.