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Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho
Here is a standard Canyon Rifle - 338 Edge done in Woodland Web and OD Green teflon.


Here is our new "Grand Slam" rifle in 7 WSM, it is done in Rock Web with black teflon, weights 5.9 lbs w/o optics and still shoots under 1/2 moa.

Nice looking rig and tastefully done with the camo color selection.
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love that "grand slam"!!!!! very cool looking. i think my next build will be an ultralight like that. you read my mind with what i was thinking, everything, right down to your optic choice. thanks for posting.

roughly, what would that set someone back with out the 2.5-10?

thanks again
There seems to be a little interest here on the Grand Slam, here is the scoop. It is very light shoots very well but is spendy to say the least. We start with a Remington Alaskan TI rifle (it is always nice to spend 1800.00 on a rifle and throw away everything but the action) then do the following:

Square, true & lap the action
Install DE bolt release
Install M16 extractor
Install Wyatt's ext box mag center feed
Tune factory trigger to 2.5 lbs
Install Hart #4 profile fluted barrel (this one in 7 WSM)
Fit and bed McMillan Edge fill classic stock (the factory one sucks)
2 flush cups
Teflon finish
Stock painted in a web camo
Bed and install DE 20 MOA tapered ring base set
Test fire and proof 1/2 moa or better

4310.00 + optics

The price is pretty stout mostly due to the Ti action but if you want a sub 6 lb rifle that still shoots that is what it takes. That was our target weight was sub 6 and still 1/2 moa.

We were getting 3010 fps with the 162 gr AMAX and I got one group in the high .3's but most were right at .5 some were over of course but I am comfortable calling it a solid 1/2 moa rifle.
What would the weight difference be between the standard 700 action, SS or Chromoly vs the Ti action ?
Thanks, bb204
There is 7 ounces difference between the two complete action and bolt assemblies. It was the only way we could break the 6 lb barrier and still have a reasonably stiff barrel.
What's the barrel length on the "Grand Slam?" Let me say that's one heck of a good looking rifle and I really like the weight! :)
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