Montana or Wyoming for Prairie Dogs


Nov 15, 2003
Pocatello, Id
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone here could give our group any ideas about the best places to prairie dog hunt in the Montana/Wyoming area? I am of course not rude enough to ask for specific spots, a general part of the state would be great. We are even willing to go through an outfitter if it is necessary, and if anyone could recommend a good one. Our part of Idaho only has rock chucks and ground squirrels so our group was hoping to stretch our shots on something a little different. Any help would be much appreciated. By the way, we were wondering about the quantity of ammo to take. We have been told to bring 1000-223, 600-22,250/6mmAI and at least 150 for the 300 ultras. Is there really that much shooting in four days?
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Labrat, I was watching a tv show on outdoor show with keith warren. It was about prairie dog hunting geton this website he could help you with a outfitter. In looked that they had lot of fun. good luck
That sounds like the amount of ammo id take. I love blasting with the 223. I have been near douglas Wy once nad near Billings Mont twice.

the outfit in Wy gave it up i believe (Richard Wallis)

Dan Cattaneo "guided" us the first trip to MT--what a waste--gave us a map and said have fun and left for 2 days--luckily we met a guy who takes us out as friends now--he is in bad health currently now though.

email me (in profile) if you want to talk more specifics or just PD killin' in general

I have had good shoots in moth states I go to MT now just because I have better local connections there. One of the best shoots I ever had was in WY had to walk into the town for a mile. We shot from 10am to 4pm steady limited time but a great shoot.
Was invited to a shoot in S. Montana last year, about 20 guys and in two days I was later told that we went through 37,000 rounds of ammo in total. Some of that was sighting in the rifles tho
Montana is a good choise. They have'nt caved in to the anti's when to wee ones are commin out of their holes. A little homework will have you shootin. Locals are friendly and point you toward any neighbors with dog towns. Lots of gophers too...
Use to shoot chucks around Twin Falls. Its not like it use to be. Your gonna have a blast in Montana. You don't want to run out of ammo. Your probably are bringing enough
ammo...But you never know.
Thanks for all the responses, it sure is nice for a newbie like me to have a place to learn from people who have already been there and done that.
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