Model 88 Winchester fans?

Gregg C

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Nov 15, 2017
Tucson AZ
Just ordered a Lilja barrel in.243, 8t, 27in finish length, #4 contour.
Was thinking plain ole vanilla 243 Win, but may opt for AI. Or , maybe open the bolt face up for a ... Some thing else?
I love these lever guns. This one makes my fifth one I've acquired. I have another, that will remain as is till end of time, but this one is to enjoy.
Drawback is, magazine length limited, so I can't stray TOO far from design.
What say you all?
You’re the first person I’ve ever heard alter one. Winchester mdl 88 .284 = priceless
Haha, yeah I'm the first person IVE ever heard of altering one, too! I ain't skeered! I thought about the 284... But, I bought an in stock barrel, today, in fact, in 243. I just looked at the 6mm SST... I'd have to open the bolt face .030 on radius. Not sure about that...
Next thought, was 284 necked down to 243. Custom dies, I think, but not insurmountable, and bolt face stays the same. Good brass is available for the 284...
243 AI , I wouldn't need brass, just dies, as I've got a good supply of NATO 308 on hand. I know that they're hard on throats, tho.
The wife's in 243


Mine is in 338 Federal for when I want to slap something..

Your wife is shooting iron sights, hats off to her 👍 🥰
@Santiam338 , when you rebarreled your 88, did you true the action, or any of those other accuracy enhancing operations ? DIY, or smith involved?
Last time I had mine apart, to take creep out of trigger, I was struck by some similarities that other actions share. Like the AR. And Savage. Differences aplenty, sure, but similar. Most folks say the Savage floating bolt head doesn't really need or respond to truing.
Lapping lugs, for the 88?