Model 70 ? for the smiths

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Dec 13, 2002
mathias wv
A while back I ordered a boyds stock for a buddy who has a model 70 stailess classic in 338 win mag.
100 shots later the stock cracked, stocky's agrreed to replace in since the thumbhole featherweight stocks have been cracking lately.
I requested it be replaced with a classic thumbhole for a model 70 stainless classic, ok it has the bottom metal simular to the 700 except it has 3 screws instead of 2.
The lady at stockys asked if it was a 1 or 2 piece bottom metal, I've never known there was a difference, which do I need? she said the 2 piece was more common and that stock was easily modified for a 1 piece.
So win. model 70 guru's is a model 70 stainless classic 1 or 2 piece drop open bottom metal?
thanks for your time.
If you have a screw right in front of the trigger guard, one behind the guard and one in front of the magazine well, then it is a two piece.

I do not recall ever seeing a one piece triggerguard built by Winchester in the classic. Now my Montana Rifle company actions have a one piece trigger guard and are modeled after the M-70.
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