Model 70 Coyote Outback??


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Nov 6, 2009
Im looking for a good long range coyote/varmit gun and Ive pretty much decided to go with the Savage 12FV or one of the "12" models with the 26" heavy barrel chambered in .22-250. I have/own weatherbys, brownings, Rems, and Wins, but Ive never owned a Savage and ive heard great things about the accuracy of these guns. Well....i thought I had my mind made up but today I was in a local gun shop and I saw a Win. Model 70 "coyote outback" in .22-250. I had never seen one of these guns before and I must say that they are a very beautiful gun to look at, but that means nothing on accuracy though.

My question is does anybody have one of these Coyote outbacks? Any info on them as far as accuracy vs. the Savage 12?? The Coyote is about $300 more expensive than the Savage, but its also in stainless and laminate vs. the black and synthetic Ive been looking at in the Savage.

Any info would be appreciated!!
I own 2 Savage's. I have a Mod 12 Low Profile. It has a 26" SS barrel and Laminate stock. You can get it in a 22-250 with a detachable box magazine. It makes it nice coming out of a field and having to run the bolt to get all of your ammo out. I am a huge Savage advocate. I own a MKII in a 22LR that cuts .25" holes at 50yrds all day. The extra $300 you spend on the Winchester will get you the Mod 12 Low Pro. You can also choose between a 1:9 for heavier bullets or 1:12 for lighter bullets.

I have owned a Win 70 Coyote in .270WSM and it shot so-so. To me, not good enough to be a long range rifle. Groups ran between 1/2" - 1". for pretty much everything. I got the occasional .3 but could never duplicate. The Coyote looked like a good idea when it first came out but "petered" out quick.
I would put my money on the Savage. I have a desire for one of their LRPV's in either .22-250 or 6mm BR, fast twist of course. JohnnyK.
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