model 70 classic stainless .338 wm Boss

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  1. porterboy

    porterboy New Member

    Apr 5, 2010
    I am new here and have much to learn. My wife bought me a .338 wm for my birthday,"yes I have a good wife".:D I wish to learn long range shooting. Many folks say this is not the rifle for this aplication? What do you think?

    Model 70 classic stainless with boss, VX II 3x9x40
    Synthetic stock

    Thanks, Porterboy
  2. beretzs

    beretzs Well-Known Member

    Jan 26, 2009
    I have the same exact rifle. It is not an extreme long range rifle, but it will shoot to 500 yards with pretty good accuracy. I have experimented with 225gr Accubonds, and 275gr Speers. Both of those shot at MOA or better up to 400 yards. I have ceased use on the Speers as of right now, since I only have about 150 left, and wanna save them for something big!

    I will probably load some Hornady 225gr SST's or more Accubond 225's or 250's to practice at longer ranges with. You should be able to push the 225's up to nearly 2900 and that should result in a very capable rifle. The rifle is floated already, and with the BOSS, you should be able to really tune your loads in. I would put a good scope on it, either something you can use clicks, or a Leupold with the B&C or Nikon type with the BDC. Those two scopes will get you out to 600 with your rifle. Good luck, I am sure by the time you really start shooting at longer ranges, you will figure out what you need to shoot even further.

    Here is a group I shot at 200 yards with the 275gr Speers in my rifle. Scotty


    Here is a 300 yard group also for reference. Scotty