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May 18, 2009
Can someone please tell me the correct torque for the action screws for a Remington Model 7?
Also,should there be a barrel pressure point bedded in a rem.custom shop KS model 7 in 7mm08 with 20"barrel and kevlar stock ?
No guru here but I do have an early model ks in 7-08 that the groups walked with the bedding point so I removed it and never looked back. That gun shoots under a moa now to the same point of impact as the barrel heats up, which doesn't take long at the bench with the pencil barrel. Tom gun)
Mine also responded for the better in removing the pressure pad....but I also skim bedded.

As far as action screw torque I don't run them in as hard as a pillar bedded stock.
Normally I get the best results around 45 in-lbs +-...YMMV... in a plain stock and around 65 in-lbs in a pillar bedded stock.

FWIW...this is what has worked for me in many stocks that I have done.
hope it helps

wes in AZ
It's recommended that you keep non-pillar or aluminum bedded stocks to about 35 - 40 in/lbs. If it's pillar or aluminum bedded you can go up to 65 in/lbs. (which is military/law enforcement specs).

I usually run my wood stocked rifles about 35 in/lbs. This also includes if they're glass bedded.

Good luck.
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