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    Feb 16, 2003
    ok, trying to get rid of excess stuff that i have no use for until after hunting seasons at the earliest...

    hornady 50 grain v-max, 224 cal, approx 70. $10 shipped.
    nosler 40 grain bt, 224 cal, approx 60. $10 shipped.
    sierra 160 gk, 7mm cal, approx. 80. $12 shipped. (sold pending funds)
    sierra 117 ph, 257 cal, approx. 108. $10 shipped. (sold pending funds)
    nosler 160 partition, 7mm cal, 50. $15 shipped. (sold pending funds)
    nosler 150 partition, 7mm cal, 57. $15 shipped. (sold pending funds)

    firing pins:
    rem 700 sa firing pin & spring (iss version). $15 shipped.
    rem 700 sa gre-tan (wart remover) firing pin assy (brownells has this as part # 100 000 447). never used. $55 shipped. (sold pending funds)

    redfield (i think) rings. medium, gloss. these are used, but in fine shape. for leupold twist-in front base, and windage rear. $10 shipped.
    leupold 1-piece base, rem 700 sa. this base has certainly been used. $7 shipped.
    buck knife. this is a used, fixed-blade (6") knife w/ sheath. the blade has 1 (that i can see) nick in it, and is in need of a good sharpening. the blade looks abused a little, but should be serviceable. $20 shipped. (sold pending funds)

    email stacey@splitrocktel.net or pm here for any questions/whatever.

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