SOLD/EXPIRED Minox Spring Clearance Sale


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Dec 3, 2007
Old Bethpage NY
Minox Spring Clearance Sale
2010 is bringing all kinds of changes to Minox. They have moved production of their HG & APO-HG series of binoculars from Japan to Germany. They have revamped a good part of their binocular line up with slight changes and new product #'s. They have also added a fantastic line of riflescopes to their line of Sports Optics.
This has presented a wonderful opportunity. We jumped in, purchased many close-outs of the existing product #'d goods and can offer them at substantial savings, while the supply lasts.
If you're in the market for a new binocular then take a look at some of these exceptional values.
These HG Series Binoculars are all brand new: These were the last of their inventory of Made in Japan HG Series binoculars.

#62163 8x33 only $399.99, reduced from $799.00

#62155 8.5x43 only $499.99, reduced from $899.99

#62157 10x43 only $579.99, reduced from $949.00

#62159 8.5x52 only $599.99, reduced from $1049.00

#62161 10x52 only $599.99, reduced from $1099.00

For those of you that prefer Porro Prisms we did the same thing with their:
#62151 BD 10x44 BP @ $229.99, reduced from $599.00. They announced the new Comfort Bridge series to replace this existing Porro Prism so we jumped on the opportunity to buy up their remaining inventory on these.

The next opportunity came our way in their Arctic Hunter series (a white camo design).
#62026 BV 8x42 BR only $149.99, reduced from $319.00

#62027 BV 10x42 BR only $199.99, reduced from $329.00

As many of you may or may not know, when Minox decided to stop production of their #62132 BD 15x58 ED BR Binocular we immediately commissioned them to do one last run for us, as our clients love this optic. They did and we are able to offer them for only $549.99, reduced from $1049.00

We also have a few of their #62173 BF 10x42 BR Binoculars left in stock @ only $139.99. These have been a great seller and well liked, but we are almost all sold out of them.
If a quality 8x42 is what you're after we do have a few of the discontinued #62147 BL 8x42 BR's left @ only $249.99, reduced from $439.00.
We have also purchased, and have reduced the price, of these now discontinued items. Some are being made in a different rubber armor coating color and some just had product # changes, however, all are outstanding values:
#62213 BD 8x24 BR Alt only $139.99 reduced from $299.00
#62114 BD 10x25 BR Alt @ $149.99 reduced from $329.00
#62152 BD 8x42 BL Green only $229.99 reduced from $439.00
#62179 BV 8x42 Snowhunter @ $229.99 reduced from $319.00
#62122 Minox BD 8x32 BR ASPH for only $274.99 reduced from $450.00. For the price there is no better 8x32 out there.
Saving the craziest buy for last:
#62175 APO-HG 8.5x43 for only $849.99 reduced from $1499.00. This is their newest top of the line. We snatched up these Made in Japan ones and this is your chance to get one at a price beyond a steal.

Spotting Scopes:
We picked up a screaming opportunity on Minox display units of #62225 MD 50W Angled Spotting Scope and the #62226 MD 50 Straight Spotting Scope your choice only $189.99, reduced from $349.00. These were never mounted and have the full warranty, so when we say as new we really mean as new.
Minox Spotting Scope Demo Sale

From some recent shows we have some as new, demo, Minox spotting scopes.
These are superior scopes and at these prices a must see opportunity.

#62210 MD62 Straight for $399.99 reduced from $649.99 new (This is for the tube without the eyepiece)

#62212 MD 62 ED Straight for $489.99 reduced from $849.99 new (This is for the tube without the eyepiece)

#62213 MD 62ED Angled for $499.99 reduced from $899.99 new (This is for the tube without the eyepiece)

#62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece for $119.99 reduced from $199.00 new

#62303 21-42 LER Zoom Eyepiece for $269.99 reduced from $449.00 new.

#62302 40x Wide Fixed Power for $59.99 reduced from $99.00

#62225 MD50W Angled with 16-30x Zoom for $189.99 reduced from $349.00 new

#62226 MD50 Straight with 16-30x Zoom for $189.99 reduced from $349.00 new

Please call and speak with Doug or Neil to order the MD 62's at these prices.

BTW, the Minox CFL 1 LED Flashlight's are now in stock. This is a must have light source for any outdoorsman.
Thanks for the continued support.