Minox NV mini II Night Vision Monocular


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Dec 3, 2007
Old Bethpage NY
Minox NV mini II Night Vision Monocular


Minox is pleased to announce the introduction of the MINOX NV mini II Night Vision Monocular – one of the smallest night vision devices in the world. Whether for night orientation, predator control, or surveillance; the MINOX NV mini II provides discrete night and low light observation.

The precision optical system provides a magnification of 2 x. Additionally, the MINOX NV mini II offers an attachable infrared illuminator for enhanced observation capabilities in conditions when visible light amplification is insufficient. The infrared light source offers additional benefit as it is not visible to the human eye. Ergonomic design and sensible partially rubber armored body enhances the tactile senses for fast, silent handling and makes this night-vision device the perfect companion for expanding the experience and security of nighttime activities.

Key Features:
*Integral IR LED Illuminator
*2 x Optical Magnification
*Ultra-Compact Size – just 1.3” W x 1.6” H x 4.2” L
*Very Light Weight - only 6.34 ounces

*Early Spring Delivery


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