Minox 15x58


Nov 6, 2009
I just bought a pair of Minox 15x58 BDs today from Cameraland. I own some Minox 8xs (not enough pwr in Az) and like them but I would like to hear from some of you that have used the 15xs. How are they in low light and what they are like to sit behind for hours etc.. I would appreciate any input.
I do most of my hunting in AZ. I have Minox 15s, and think they are great. I have no problem sitting behind them all day. I have hunted with them around 22 days in the field this year ( not including scouting time ), and they have been great in the morning, and the evening. For the money I dont think you can even come close to thier quality.
Copy that on the Minox 15s. I've had a pair for about 3 or 4 years now and figure that 60% to 70% of the game I find is through them. You can just 'Lay' on them for hours. I find myself looking forward to laying on them once I get into position to look either far away for game to put the spotter on or only 1000 to 2000 yards to look into giant brush fields to spot game laying in the shade.

Great binos!
If ya wanna top off yer set up, ya gotta get the OUTDOORSMAN pan head, That head alone will make glassn so much better, IMO the Jim White doesn't come close. Thier up on Cave creek road. Another thing to consider is the walking stool, great little tri stool. Also, You should be able to find some eye cups that will interchange with yer originals, the ones that wrap around yer eye a little more, keeps alot of glare out.
I have had my 15x Minox for a few years now... still love um! FYI, I use an Outdoorsman tripod adapter with a Jim White pan head and it works great. My tripod is a older Slik 444 Sport II. NJS
I got my Minox and have taken them out 3 times and I am completely happy with them. Thank you for all of your exp and advice.
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