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Mar 6, 2018
Quarryville pa
Whatever you do please do not book with Bugling Bulll outfitters. Father and son are a bunch of liars! A buddy of mine booked them last year at the Harrisburg Pa sports show. This was sadly my first elk hunt but was friends 25th. Almost everything they promise is a lie. From food to animals they supposedly kill. While on the hunt, Curtis (the boy) stole personal property from a land owner right in front of us. We did report when we got home to the New Mexico warden service. Might I add they did know the outfitter well by name! Curtis is very inexperienced at hunting elk and found out only later that farther does not even have a guide liscense. The entire experience was so bad we ended up leaving the hunt of a lifetime 3 days early!! Anyone that knows New Mexico knows that the Gila national forest lot 16c( if I’m remembering correct) is where everyone, even the locals put in for their entire lives for to pull a tag. Well that’s where we were! It should have been amazing! If only we had chosen the right guide. Now the biggest kicker is that once we were home, Curtis began posting pictures on his Facebook page of the elk killed on the same week we were there guided by them. We were the only hunters with them. This year at the sports show, my buddy’s brother found Bugling Bull outfitters and asked them if they knew “said friend”. Curtis got excited and said “oh yeah, we had a great hunt” and proceeded to show pictures of the elk that he had killed! Neither of us even got to pull our bows back once. When friend told Curtis and his dad they were lying because it was his brother and he knew better, the dad said f**k you! Sorry to be so long but needed to put this out there so no one else wastes their hard earned money on these guys!!


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Oct 20, 2011
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I could have it wrong on the score but here is the pic. It’s not wrong by much. I’d said it would qualify as decent.
You're right Opie. That is really nice !! That's bigger than anything I've seen and I have been hunting New Mexico for 29 years. Thanks for posting the picture.