Military Losing the Sniper War Against Russia?


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Jan 28, 2011
Spokane, WA
...In the name of social justice will someone please go tear down a statue and burn down the pizza joint. Justice for Juicy!😷.........

Waiting for them to burn the Sistine Chapel because of crusades past and present.

I'm so bad with knots, I've gone to the Boa's, so it wasn't me scaring poor Bubba. So much for needing nerves of steel to run a race car.

Too old, fat, and slow, they'll have to bring it to me these days. The few nights it got a little loud here, I didn't break out a rifle, went with the Benelli M4, night vision isn't what it used to be, and sticker shock keeps technological aids out of reach. No real high ground here, all front yard stuff anyway.

No worries about who was first, just focussed on making roll call again in the morning.


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Mar 29, 2018
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The main concept behind sniping is Stealth.

In that light 2 mans teams of a sniper and his spotter comprise that team.
These 2 man teams are in communication with other squad members and taught just that to act as a team and not unless out of necessity or by direct orders to act independently.
To that end ,they are constant communication with each other , move ,deploy , and normally cover each other with directed fire lanes of engagement.
The two man sniper team will separate themselves at a determined coordinate and will employ stealth and concealment to obtain their FFP.
The more men that are used the greater the chances are of being compromised by discovery.
This is the main reason why our sniper teams are limited to two persons, sometimes just the shooter being all alone.
With all the technology available today as duly noted in other posts it makes a Sniper team more likely to be located and terminated than ever before.
As technology advances do you really think that the US is asleep at the wheel?
Hell no, we are a world leader with the technology and skillset greater than any other nation.
What I am saying is that our nations military is always evolving and our battlefield tactics are second to none.
Today's sniper teams are not only shooters but can also act as a forward OP directing either air or artillery ( using com links ) with pin point accuracy using invisible infrared coupled with current electronic technology.
( Please include drones into this mix )
Once the target has been painted , well " it's light out !"
Our Great Nation lags behind nobody !
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Eric Alexander

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Mar 30, 2015
Idk I stopped reading at every “Marine is a rifleman.“ The only people who say that are officers and POGs. It doubt the MOS will go away, there’s to much specific task to support in a STA platoon. Counter sniper, surveillance, and reconnaissance is a full time gig in itself. It’s not all about supporting raids and satellite patrols. If anything, there should be more DMs in the infantry to help extend the range. Especially when those nasty dishkas come out on the side of a mountain.
******* Soviets have sure been successful at building simple, tough, long-lasting infantry tools. More DMs, correctly equipped, would be a simple solution and expand the basic capacity of an infantry company to deal with ****. So, yeah.


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May 15, 2012
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Never knew we had so many sniper experts here. lol

There’s at least two qualed dudes on here, and I’ve done mission planning with snipers and used them as an enabler down range. They aren’t this elusive, delta force thing that the movies make them out to be. They are dedicated infantry man with good training.


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Aug 24, 2011
Whose rifle the ball came from, and ONLY that.
The history is pretty good that COL Morgan ordered a number of his best shots to shoot GEN Frasier. Tim Murphy was one of his best rifleman, who knows for sure. But unequivocal account of revolutionary war sniping.

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004
Interesting article with lots of hyperlinks to other articles about each new long range rifle being used by the militaries of the world. Russia is saying they can hit consistently at 4600 yards. Yikes. Russia is also saying they are using a 3-line tactic of placing snipers at close, long and ELR ranges simultaneously to cover each other. I don't believe NATO does this, but it sure would have helped the "Lone Survivor" team if we had used this tactic.

Lots of reading, but I thought you guys would enjoy the multiple reads.

I personally don,t think we are losing anything to the Russians except the BS title. they have always been a 1 up country and everything has to be bigger and better than anyone else has. I have a problem believing anyone can hit anything except the earth consistently at 4600 yards except maybe the Abrams main battle tank.

There comes a point that anything that will consistently hit at those distances cannot be hand held. So I would put our snipers skills and training against any ones. also if they are so good, why place a sniper close and in harms way and have two back ups in case he gets in trouble. the whole reason for a sniper, to go unnoticed and to be able to hit without being in range of another shooter.

When a hand held Laser is developed, then I might believe it. besides, it is an individual skill, not something that belongs to any country. It is easy to say what you can do, but much harder to prove it.


John Klingenberg

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Nov 13, 2018
Ya, the Russians have always fielded precision small arms, eye roll. The Dragunov was this mystery masterpiece of tech until we actually got our hands on it. Rugged to be sure, but the real deal ones were a 600 yard 15moa clunker. I've shot dozens of them with issue ammo to hand crafted handloads. None were even close to a Remington 700 shooting Core-Loks. That myth got busted. A decent Mosin will out shoot them any day. The hype was enormous coming from the com-bloc. I suspect the same from the career politicians they have now.

Bravo 4

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Jul 20, 2007
The South
How about the M82 replaced the M107. Effective 1969yds/1800 m that more than a Kentucky mile as they to say about the Flintlocks.
Huh? They are basically the same rifle. Not exactly a precision weapon, especially with our ammo. We have a target that is 2000 meters out we hit all the time. However it's a M939 5 ton 6x6 truck at a 1/2 profile.


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