Mildot question

James Jamison

Nov 6, 2004
Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone knows of any software that tell me what mildots to use for holdover if I check the range with my range finder. For instance, if my 308 is 20 inches low at 400, how could I determine what mildot to use as an aiming point for the drop.Thanks everyone.
You don't need software, you need a calculator.

LOW (in inches)/range (in hundreds or yards) = MOA (approximate) of correction needed.

20/4 = 5

1 Mildot = 3.44 MOA (or 3.6" at 100 yards) But for your ease of use use 3.5

MOA of correction / 3.5 = holdover

5 / 3.5 = 1.4 MIL holdover.
Firts off welcome!
You will find much good info and insight on this forum.


Click on the "Click here for a sample" option.

It will take you to a detailed picture of what you may be looking for.

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Well, this sounds simple enough but does the mildot value stay the same regardless of magnification setting of scope. I use a nikon buckmaster 4.5x14 with mildot reticle. So, if the scope is at the lowest setting, is the mildot value 3.4 and still the same when scope is at 14? Thanks for the responses.
The size of everything changes when you change the power. What you need to do is put a 36 inch ruler at 100 yards, but first mark it at 3.6 inches, then your top mil dot and your bottom mildot will line up with the top and bottom of the ruler and all of the other mildots will line up with one of the 3.6 inch marks at the correct magnification. To figure out which mildots line up with the different ranges you have to use a exterior ballistics program and fill in the zero range for the distance you are going to shot and than look at the number of inches that you are over at the 100 yard scale and that will be your mildot location. Example: my 300 yard zero produces a 2.5 inch bullet path of the 100 yard zero, if I used the 300 yard zero and shot at the bulls eye I would shoot over it by 2.5 inches. The 400 yard zero procuced 4.25 inches over target for my 338-378. your mildots are 3.6 inches apart so a 100 yard zero on this gun I would use my 1st mildot for 350 yard zero, because that would put the mildot between the 2 bullet holes. you would use this comparison for the rest of your mildots. Mine equals the following 1=350, 2=550, 3=650. 4=800, 5=900. Mark a target with these spots on it and line up your mildots for what ever magnication you want to use. Dan
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