Mil-dot or Duplex reticle

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Looking for a new scope for my AR for varmint purposes. I have given tons of thought on what I want and what I want it for, but now I am stumped.

    I have a mil-dot scope on my 308 bolt-gun, and I use it, but is there any real advantage to having a mil-dot on a varmint rifle?

    What I do want is target turrets because I dial my dope. What concerns me is "what if that bastard coyote jumps up 100 yards past my current zero and I need to nail the bastard?" Just hold over?

    I am looking seriously at the Nikon M223 3-12. I am not shooting to 1000 yards, and honestly will probably take my 308 just for S&^% and giggles.


    Yes, I know that there are a hundred threads. Yes, I have searched and even used the search button. Just stuck. Is there a scope I am over looking? I considered a straight 10x Super Sniper, and I may just go that route. Just curious what the more experienced varminters think.

  2. That Nikon M223 3-12 would be an excellent piece of glass for AR coyote shooting! gun)
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    I like a mil dot scope on an AR not for ranging but for holdoffs. I use a Leica 1200 for ranging. I make up a range card in mils v distance for both windage and elevation. for each rifle/cartridge/bullet. it can then be used by counting clicks or just holding off. Weight is important on an AR.

    I have Bushnell 3200 10X40 mil dot scopes (mil/mil) mounted on several of my ARs. They're cheap (around $200). I've never had trouble with one. They have 23.5 mils (80 moa) windage and elevation adjustment so they can be used at long range if desired. What they don't have is a parallax adjustment. It not a benchrest scope but in my opinion a "best buy" for a general purpose AR-15 or AR-10 scope. They're Japanese made with good machining and optics.

    Also worth considering for an AR-10/15 the Horus Hawk. Never twiddle knobs again. It's a 3-12x50 mil grid reticle with 1/5 mil ticks. $550.

    The blackbird model 1.5-8x24 is also suitable for an AR-15 hunting rifle, though you need good eyesight to use it.
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