Mil-dot for odd ball job


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Jul 20, 2003
Christchurch New Zealand
Hi all,
I am looking for a mil-dot reticle scope to put on a Ruger 77/44 with a tensioned barrel 1 3/4" suppressor tube. I have already modified a stock into a A4 style stock.
I am limited to a 1" main tube due to the difficulty of finding rings high enough to clear the suppressor tube. I have room for upto a 40mm AO front lens assembly, I don't see the need to go any bigger as light gathering will be OK, I also don't want the weight to get too high.
I would like a 3.5-10 or 4.5-14 so that I have the ability to see well enough to precisely place a cast 300gn bullet into a pigs head out to 150m, I don't see this being a problem as I am already able to hit a 1/2 grown rabbit 85+% of the time out to 140m under all conditions in upto 20+mph winds, a pigs head is a lot bigger than a 1/2 grown rabbit.
I would prefer a reticle magnifying scope so that I can range/use holdovers and windage on any power rather than be limited to the top power with a non magnifying reticle.
So far the only scope I have found is a Weaver tactical 3-9x40 or 4.5-14x40 the most obvious downside is that the 4.5-14x40 weighs 25.75oz's versus a Grand slam at 17.5oz's. Are they a reticle moving scope? in relation to does the reticle move off centre as you adjust to zero it.
Anyone know of any other scopes that are reticle magnifying, I would prefer to stay under $500US.
Will anyone ship mil-dot scopes out of the USA? Or is that still a hassle.
If I have to I can modify a set of rings to make a sloped set.
NB: To get on target at 100m I need about 20" of elevation with subsonic ammo and 7" with a full power load.
Relevance of a subsonic 44 mag on a long range forum. Sighted in at 85m with a 300gn subsonic cast lead bullet the drop at 125m is 2mils at 250m is 9.8mils & in the wind it will drift 2moa at 125m & 3.9moa at 250m.
If we compare this to a lapua 139gn 6.5mm scenar doing 3100fps at the muzzle sighted in at 300m we get drop at 600m 2.3mils & at 1200m 9.6 mils & in the wind at 600m 2moa & at 1200m 5moa.
From the above we can see that shooting a subsonic 44magnum out to 250m approximates the drop and windrift characteristics of a 6.5/284 shooting lapua 139gn scenars out to 1200m.
This is why I am looking for a scope that would be typically used on a long range rifle.
Sounds like a neat project--I doubt anyone was questioning relavence, I just think no one really knew--anyway, interesting numbers on the 44--i am considering the same project in the future.

Im going next weekend to pick up my 223 can made by Advanced Armament Corp. Only 3-1/2 months wait here in the USA!!

I thing the Gen II mil-dot from premier reticlesHERE might stay consistant with magnification. If not im sure they can help you with what you're looking for.

On a cheaper note Simmons made (may still) a 4-12? Diamond Mag scope. the reticle magnified with the power--it wasnt mils but it had holdover marks.

Also i think the springfield armory scopes do that also--nevermind, 56mm obj.

Also, leupold makes super high rings for the ruger i believe. If you haven't looked at them, they may get you a little more room.

Premier Ret. can probably fix you up though.


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