Mil-dot binoculars

Be careful with those mil-dot binocs; they are considered to be "military" hardware in one country that's kind of surrounded by alot of water and has its winter in July. They have a really big rock there too, with alot of Ayer around it. We don't want to get caught with an unauthorized pair of "assault binoculars" now, do we?

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Wha? I don't quite understand what you are saying. I mean, I know Australia is stupid when it comes to ownership of firearms (and apparently binos, from what you tell me), but I'm not in Australia. I'm actually pretty close to Djibouti right now, though...
I'd be interested to hear an evaluation of the Bushnell binoculars with the laser range finder built in.

Has anyone owned/tested one of those?

Would meet the binoculars with MIL-DOT function.

Alternatively, Leupold sells a 12-40 x 60mm spotting scope with MIL-DOTs.

Steiner has a set with built in range finding
dont remember if they had mil- dot or not,was not a laser, but i do remember the boy told me he had checked them out from the QM for the weekend, and i must say they were very nice.
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