Mid hunting season wipe down question

Unless subjected snow or rain where the inside of the barrel took a soaking, I wouldn’t worry about corrosion development for the amount of time you are talking about. I would simply leave the bolt open when brought inside to allow normal air flow. Current nitro powders and primers today are formulated with anti-oxidants and other additives that resist corrosion and oxidation. I have done this for years with my competition and hunting rifles for short periods (a couple of months), and have not experienced any rust or corrosion.
Unless I was able to re-season/test my barrel after subjecting it to wiping or cleaning, I would be worried about my cold bore performance, particularly if it was going to be at a good buck at long range. IMO.
Good to know...i would prefer to go this route. They are sitting out now but bolt is in. I will pull the bolt and can even put a fan on them to give it some addl air.
Hell JE.. the info i have taken from you here has been tremendously informative....and actually works....lol....
Glad this site hasn't fallen off the scale....it gets really close sometimes.....

Thank you.
I am just trying to keep people from finding out the hard way like I have in the past. this site has helped me many times and when I can, I try to do the same.

The nice thing about this sport I there are so many different ways and opinions for people to do things, that as long as they know the good and bad of there method, they can make there own decision and except the consequences of there decision, good or bad.

Some (Like Me) are anal about most things and sometimes over do it
(It's only time) But others except things as less important and have there way of doing things. There is No One way only, just the way a person chooses to do things.

The barrel and weather dictates when and how often I clean and to what extent. while hunting/shooting. Storage is a whole different beast, and my procedure is different for this.

In bad weather I will lightly wipe down the rifle with gun oil, clean the chamber and bolt but I dont completely clean the barrel only a dry patch. After season is over then I clean the rifle.
I don’t want to clean my guns with lots of hunting still to go (Tennessee deer season ends in early Jan).

My guns are on the early round after cleaning - cleaned them after all practice, load verification, etc was done. I then fouled them and confirmed zero, then left them for hunting trip. Have shot a few times at game and to confirm zero when I got to where I traveled for hunting trips. They are all shooting right where I want them so don’t want to do much of anything to them.

They haven’t been out if rain but have been several mornings where there was quite a bit of fog and high humidity days, and it has been a month plus on any lube in the barrel. Do y’all typically give them a dry patch, then light oil, and more dry patches? Or just leave them for another month?

Not sure if what I described can create and rust potential in the barrels.
Other than maybe a dry patch I'd leave the bore alone unless it's showing surface rust on the dry patch.

Outside use what you want but I'll warn you, Froglube turns to glue in cold weather and WD40 seems to promote rust.

I really prefer LPS-penetrator and LPS2-long/medium term protection along with "Machine Gunners Lube".
No Problem.
Just wanted to make sure you weren't harming a good hunting rifle unknowingly.

By the way, Graphite is just an Allotrope of carbon and could damage the bore just like the carbon left behind after firing. (The reason I mentioned dry patching after each shot if possible).

I know you weren't filling the barrel with it, but just because it is slick In its normal form. when heated it reverts back to carbon.

Just more information to increase barrel life. (And inform and discuss the post for those that are interested).

Good info. If you look at graphite under high magnification it's also an obvious abrasive as well as a lubricant and most people don't realize it.
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