metal trigger guard-Rem 600 mohawk


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Mar 20, 2008
I have a Remington model 600 mohawk and it has always had the plastic trigger guard. Just recently I oredered a metal replacment from willie at Coquille valley machine works (541-396-6246). I had to wait for my new screws to come in so last night I finally got to put it on. I just wanted to give him some recognition for a very nice product!

The part is a perfect fit, perfect finish, and i am very happy with it. price was 75 plus 5 for shipping making it an even 80 bucks.
I know, I'm more than a month late on this post, I Just found it!
Thanks again for your purchase.
Thanks a bunch for the plug, I can always use the feedback.
I'm really glad you like it.


good day:
i also have one of these bottom metal replacements.
it is fantastic and fits perfectly.
i also have a replacement stock and a timney trigger and man,its a whole new gun.
.243 m660 = varmint death.

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